Flee From Sinful Desires


Scripture Reading — 2 Timothy 2:15-26

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who . . . correctly handles the word of truth.
— 2 Timothy 2:15

A woman from a local church volunteers three hours each Wednesday with our campus ministry. She gives grandmotherly advice, prays with students, and provides a lot of them with food. She is also a good storyteller! She tells students that, years ago, she inherited a wolfdog. As a pup, he was content to live a dog’s life, but when she moved north, where wolves still roam (and howl), the dog became restless and wanted to roam also. Then one day he ran off to follow the call of the wild and was seen no more. In some ways a similar thing can happen in our life as followers of Jesus. Our old sinful nature still clings to us—and as the world calls out to us with alluring temptations, that old nature can stir within. Selfish and sinful tendencies can try to come back to life.

Social media and every other form of media make their impact. The people around us influence us greatly. We can also be “dragged away by [our] own evil desire and enticed” (James 1:14). We do well to take time as individuals, as families, and as groups of believers to practice accountability, discussing some questions like these: “Is my life and what I believe in line with godly living and the kingdom of God? Or is it bending toward my old sinful nature and the values of the world?

Holy God, remind us each day to examine our hearts, our minds, and our lives. Help us to stay faithful to your Word and your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Written by: George Koopmans